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FocusExecutive Development Resource executive coaching services are primarily focused toward:
  • High Performance Coaching: This service is for those executives that are currently meeting performance expectations yet are seeking to achieve new levels of executive performance.
  • High Potential Coaching: High potential coaching is designed to cultivate and develop future leaders of the organization that demonstrate leadership capabilities.
  • New Leader Assimilation Coaching: Support for new hire or newly promoted leaders in the early stages of their new role. Effective assimilation accelerates the leader’s understanding and ability to exercise needed capabilities to address business challenges.
  • Developmental Performance Coaching: Highly sensitive coaching service addresses issues where an executive is not meeting performance targets or is demonstrating interpersonal behavior that is disrupting working relationships and business outcomes.

What we offer... Jim Barley and EDR are right for you if you need expertise in:

  • New executive accelerated assimilation into a new organization or role.
  • Expertise and applications for Seven Questions... Seven Challenges.
  • Clarification and implementation of primary and “back-up” leadership and management styles.
  • Strategic thinking and planning.
  • Transition from tactical to strategic thinking and planning.
  • Identify of individual and organizational sources of power for improved political competence and management for effective communications.
  • Clarify and communicate Leadership Value Proposition, the leader’s “Brand”.
  • Delegation in alignment with strategic initiatives.
  • Time Management: Congruency, Concentration of Power, and Resolve.
  • Communications: Board, Boss, Peers, and Direct Reports.
  • Develop “Key Constituents” and Strategic Professional Networking.
  • Negotiations.
  • Manage professional and personal change and Career Development and Management.
  • Life/Work balance.

Click here for "Seven Questions ... Seven Challenges"

“Jim Barley has been a tremendous source of objectivity and balanced feedback for me recently, as I took on a new role in a new industry. His outstanding listening skills and the ability to dissect complex situations, isolate and help address the critical issues in a mature, sensitive, yet realistic manner is beyond reproach.”
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