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Executive Development Resource understands that many organizations are committed to support the development of their leaders. Although motivated, many organizations are not well equipped to effectively provide in-house leadership development opportunities for their executives and senior managers.

The assumption is that leaders and managers are already capable without further development as a result of their past experiences and current role. Is this truly the case, or would additional, on-going leadership and management development opportunities increase their productivity for improved organizational performance? The answer … absolutely! The Harvard Business Review stated that:

”The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resource.”
Challenges… The challenges for executives and top managers is that “life at the top” is lonely and the assumption is that leaders and managers have all of the answers all of the time and in all situations. Not true! The challenges for leaders are:
  • The rate of change is relentless and continues to accelerate, exponentially,
  • The pressure to keep up intelligently with the competitive market and a changing marketplace,
  • As success is achieved and accelerates, success becomes more fragile, the need for innovation more frequent,
  • A reality causing pressure for leaders is to create and implement change more frequently and thoroughly than in the past, therefore; remain relevant in the market.
  • An accelerating rate of change demands an accelerated pace of renewal not only for the business…also for the leaders and managers of the business.
BenefitsExecutive Development Resource executive coaching benefits the organization and leaders by meeting these challenges with support that alleviates “organizational pain” by accelerating professional growth that will:
  • Build and improve upon essential leadership skill sets that are aligned with organizational context and strategy for increased organizational effectiveness.
  • Help leaders better understand the most effective actions that are necessary for business and career success.
  • Clarify the leader’s understanding of their assets (values, strengths, power, abilities) and liabilities (shortcomings) and how to develop the strengths and manage the shortcomings for improved leadership and business performance.
  • Instill an understanding and use of an on-going developmental process and leverage assets to achieve positive, long-term professional change.
  • Build individual as well as organizational commitment for continuous improvement in leadership behaviors. Instills a future-oriented, value-add dimension to leadership.
  • Support or creating a culture of leadership growth that inspires and influences other leaders,managers and their teams to higher levels of performance.
  • Optimize the organization’s ROI for leadership development.
  • Attract, develop, assimilate, and retain dynamic, result-oriented leaders who achieve targeted business objectives.
  • Promote and support cross-functional cooperation that increases productivity and morale throughout the organization.
Is there an Executive Coaching ROI?… Yes, 5x to 7x the Investment!

Executive Development Resource executive coaching services are primarily focused toward a primary objective: Increasing your executive’s leadership effectiveness that results in improved business performance and a clear ROI on the organization’s investment.

Several surveys have measured the ROI on the organization’s investment between 500% to greater than 700%. A Right Management/Manchester Consulting study measured an ROI of greater than 5 times the investment and a survey by Metrixs Global demonstrated a gain of up to 788%!

The ROI is most noticeable from the sixth to the ninth month of coaching support and has a favorable impact in a variety of areas, including: stronger business performance, higher productivity, quality of work, better teamwork, greater job satisfaction and retention, and improved relationships with boss, peers and direct reports.

“Jim’s real strength is the benefit of combining an exceptional understanding of effective leadership traits with a really genuine concern for his client’s success. For me, he has been particularly helpful in enabling me to more deeply understand and embrace the challenging elements of leadership that are so critical to success, such as the importance of a new leader understanding and fitting well into the “culture” of the organization, before attempting to change it.”
President, Heathcare Services
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