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Executive Development Resource provides one-to-one executive coaching with a focus on supporting your leaders to develop deeper self-awareness of deeply held core values and leadership attributes. Coaching support occurs as the company's executive develops greater organizational influence, improves leadership and management skills, and implements “lessons learned” for improved business results. The result is greater leadership effectiveness in a fast-paced business environment and changing world.

Our MissionExecutive Development Resource’s mission is to support and partner with motivated, capable, high potential, emerging leaders, new and seasoned executives. Our partnership supports your executive to practically transform, expand and accomplish their professional aspirations that endures throughout their careers, their lives. Our executive coaching services are primarily focused toward a single, primary objective:

Increasing your executive’s leadership effectiveness that results in improved business performance and a clear ROI on the organization’s investment.
Our Coaching PhilosophyExecutive Development Resource is unique in that our philosophy, our belief is that there is a strong relationship that develops between the coach and client which is authentic, creative, credible and effective as a result of many factors.
  • Coaching with a business, “bottom-line” approach that demands the development of a practical, individualized action plan. The plan is expected to be aligned with organizational and departmental strategy, and integrated into the client’s work routine.
  • The coaching engagement is with experienced, straightforward and customized executive coaching support that partners with the executive to achieve positive, measurable, long-term improvement for enhanced organizational effectiveness.
  • The executive coach/consultant possess business experience and acumen plus demonstrated success in executive and management roles with leadership, line-management and P&L responsibilities.
  • A coach who possess a rare combination of vision, focus, clarity, abstract reasoning and critical thinking that enhances the coaching experience.
The Four Dimensions of our Executive Coaching Approach… When working with your leaders we firmly believe that our business, “bottom-line” approach allows us to take pride in the high quality, effective and enduring value of Executive Development Resource’s coaching and contributions to your leaders and our community.

Executive Development Resource executive coaching approach includes four dimensions:
  • Value based, individualized executive coaching that is consistently delivered with: Confidentiality, Candor, Responsiveness, Respect, and Trust.
  • Content based coaching to identify and develop specific targeted areas for improvement that become the core of the executive’s “Plan.”
  • Established coaching methodology proven to improve and impact leadership effectiveness as a continuous process that includes: Awareness, Analysis, Action, Achievement and Follow-up.
  • The work, the plan, is consistent within the context of the business situation, its strategy and the work routine of the executive.
Our Logo - The MÖbius StripExecutive Development Resource’s logo, an interesting history and meaning…

The Möbius Strip expresses Transformation. The Möbius Strip was discovered in 1858 by German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius (1790-1868). He created the mathematical equation known as The Möbius Transformation. The strip is continuous with one surface and one edge formed by twisting one end of a long, thin rectangular strip 180 degrees (1/2 twist) and attaching this to the other end.

The Möbius Strip represents a willingness to move with the constantly changing cycles in our lives, both professionally and personally. And, transform these challenges into useful solutions. This is the challenge that Executive Development Resource’s executive coaching addresses by creating lasting change and working with leaders for professional transformation.
“In today’s dynamic business environment it’s easy to get distracted from what is important to the success of your business. Any executive can benefit from having Jim as a coach to maintain focus and stay on track. He is a professional at what he does and his business acumen is realistic and practical. Furthermore, having Jim as an outside, independent “sounding board” to discuss solutions has helped me with important and difficult issues. He continues as a valued resource for me and my business”
CEO - NC Non-Profit Organization
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